Fertilizer is completely dissolved in water and used by paper spraying, soil watering and irrigation:

– The formation of natural antibodies to pathogens, especially those causing the fudling whiteness, late plaques, wilting diseases, deafening diseases, rot of the roots, and the death of gestures, stimulates the formation of natural antibiotics, especially those causing the fumble whites, late plaques, wilting diseases, deafness, root rot and the death of gestures.

– Works in a preventive way to fight fungal diseases.

– Its high-tech is easy to use through leaves and roots through the speed of its transition from top to bottom and vice versa, which affects the sensitive tissues of the plant in two ways:

            * Indirect method: Increases plant resistance to fungi.

            * Direct method: slows the growth of fungi and prevents

                              the formation of germs.

– Natural antibiotics work on:

           *  Penetrating the cell wall of the fungus.

           *  delay of its development.

           *  Reduce stress.

           *  Inhibiting fungal growth and preventing

                            its reproduction.


Analysis Methods Results Analysis Name
Gravimetric Method 52% Water soluble Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)
Gravimetric Method 42% Water soluble Potassium oxide(K2O)