AlSurabi For Importing” established during 1998 in Yemen to supply the agriculture products like, seed, Pesticides, sprayers and fertilizers; thought, its agencies for the world's largest fertilizer companies by high quality products from high potassium and phosphorus compound fertilizer as well as a balanced fertilizer; besides, we expanded our agencies to cover most of Yemen ground. We believe in improving the quality and food safety as an exception for the future and the importance of conservation of natural resources and genetic diversity in agricultural environment as a necessity for sustainable agricultural development.

Plant nourishment at the most elevated level

It is an experienced partner you can rely on, we provide developed specialty fertilizers. To optimize the yield and quality of agricultural and horticultural crops, we continuously work to improve our fertilizers’ performance. Together with our partners around the world, we have dedicated our know-how to tailor-made solutions with the highest quality and output. Your crops also benefit from our expertise in plant nutrition. We combine state-of-the-art technology and innovative application solutions for the best results. Discover our wide range of specialty fertilizers, including foliar fertilizers, solutions for fertigation, organic farming, seed treatments and biostimulants.


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